A Content Mill I like: Interact Media

During my freelance writing career I have signed up to several content mills, content creation companies – call them what you will. I am a fan of not having all your eggs in one basket so I opened accounts with a number of different companies to try to ensure a steady-ish stream of work.

Since first signing up, some have fallen by the wayside either because they never seemed to have any work or because it was just too complicated to write the articles for the amount they were paying. There are a few though that I still check out regularly and one I do like is Interact Media.

Interact Media offers writing jobs at different payment levels and the jobs you can access are dependent on your star rating. To begin with, their staff assign you a star rating based on a writing sample, but after that it is determined by the feedback you get from clients.

Jobs are available through a job board on the site. You can click a job and view its details and the client’s details and then you have a few minutes to decide if you want to sign up for it. The deadline depends on the word count (longer articles have longer deadlines).

Six things I like about Interact Media

  1. They pay me. They do not pay every day or even every week so it might not suit people who need quick money, but they do pay regularly via PayPal twice a month. What I like about them is that there is no fussing around with invoices or getting stuck trying to reach a payout level. They simply pay whatever you have earned in the period. In the most recent pay period, I was busy doing other things and hardly took any articles there. I didn’t even earn double figures, but they still paid.
  2. They communicate. Some content mills I have dealt with have been awful at communicating. Some so awful that I gave up with them. Interact Media are pretty good at communicating. They send out guide emails when you sign up to help you learn the site, but what I like most is that you can sign up for regular updates on the number of available jobs. So every hour an email pops into my inbox telling me how many jobs there are. There is no guarantee someone won’t have nabbed them by the time you get there, but I like knowing if it is even worth signing in.
  3. There are no picky editors. When you work for Interact Media, there are no editors involved unless the client themselves chooses to use one. Otherwise, the client approves your work directly. While some people might not like this, I do. It is nice not to have an editor who wants to quibble over a possibly misplaced comma or the choice of a word.
  4. They have a good support network. There is quite an active forum and Beth who runs their admin is brilliant at responding to emails for help as well as interacting on the forum boards and answering queries. This is great especially when you are new to the site and trying to find your way around.
  5. They offer obvious on site tools. I am sure most content companies use a plagiarism checker like Copyscape before they send articles through to clients, but Interact Media asks you to run a spelling check and a Copyscape check on the site before you finally submit your work. I like knowing that I have done this and can see any results and make a decision myself on whether they are relevant.
  6. The deadlines are reasonable. The shortest articles have 24-hour deadlines. For a part-time writer like me who juggles being a mum as well, this is great as it means I don’t necessarily have to miss out on a job because I am busy right at that moment.

Three things I don’t like about Interact Media

  1. There aren’t always a lot of jobs – at least not high paying ones. I admit that my star rating is only four out of five so it may be that if I bumped up my rating I would see more high paying jobs.
  2. Clients have five business days to approve your content. You can write other articles while you are waiting, but it is still a pain sometimes to wait that long to find out if your article is okay.
  3. The keywords and instructions are sometimes a bit odd. Okay, this probably is not really Interact Media’s fault, it is the clients who write the instructions, but I’m adding it anyway.

Overall, I think Interact Media is pretty good. It isn’t the highest paying job, but then neither are most of these companies, but it is a good option for adding a bit extra to your monthly income.


Do you write for Interact Media? Do you like it or do you prefer another company?

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3 thoughts on “A Content Mill I like: Interact Media

  1. Steve Lazuka says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with our platform Arwen!

    Let us know if you ever have any suggestions on how we can improve our system, or if we can help in any other way.

  2. Thanks. I have done a little writing on freelance websites but I never stuck with it because I didn’t like their setup. Maybe I’ll give Interact Media a try.

    • I only have about three companies that I use regularly, as the others either never have much work or I can’t get on with the setup. I don’t write with any of them really regularly but Interact Media tends to be the one I check first.

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