The Beauty of Bylines

I used to write for newspapers. Proper newspapers that were printed on paper and sold in shops and gave bylines to reporters when they wrote stories.

In fact, at one point I was the only journalist on the local newspaper that I worked for in the UK. As a result my byline was on nearly every page and even my mum got bored with seeing it. Up until that point she would phone me when she saw my byline in a paper but during this gig she would search through and point out the few bits I hadn’t written.

My first, and still my favorite freelancing job, for a website covering early childhood education also gets me a byline on most of the things I write, but most of my other work so far had been ghostwriting.

After seeing my name in print for so long the idea of someone else take my writing and doing whatever they like with it without ever crediting me has taken some getting used to.

I have nothing against ghostwriting. In fact, during my freelancing career I have ghostwritten some really interesting articles, written on topics that are close to my heart and learnt some new stuff along the way.

However, for a writer there is nothing like having your name associated with an article and so I was excited this week when a new site I have started writing for went live. It covers parenting and pregnancy, which are two topics I love writing about. I’m not yet sure how lucrative this gig will be financially, but I figure it makes up for it in terms of exposure because it gives me another place I can direct potential clients to see my work, and in terms of satisfaction because I get to regularly see my name at the top of an article again.


Are you put out if you do not get bylines on your work or does ghostwriting satisfy you?


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bylines

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  2. amaeguerrero says:

    totally agree, the glory of byline is so priceless 🙂

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