Blog Block

About a month ago, I set up this website with the aim of promoting my freelance writing. I spent ages playing with the different layouts before picking favorite and more hours trying to come up with a cool name. I wrote my about page, added some links and some writing samples and then I looked at the blog tab. I’ve been looking at it ever since. I thought it would be easy, I thoughts would just click on the tab and start spouting forth in a brilliant way. Instead, I had blog block.

Whenever I thought about my blog, something held me back. It was as if I was scared of writing anything because it might not be good enough. They say a blog should be personal, but when you write for a living your blog also becomes something people may judge you by. It could score you work, but equally if you put a comma in the wrong place or have an opinion on something that a potential client does not agree with it could lose you a job.

Then there is deciding what to write about. Do people really want to know if I have been to music group with my pre-schooler today or what I think of a particular company? To be honest I don’t know, but at the moment there are two things that take up most of my time – my writing and my family. So I guess that is what I’ll write about.  

Then, I had to decide whether to focus on keywords or just write as I wanted. In the end, I’ve decided to try to do a bit of both. With the latest Google updates, keywords do not seem to be as essential as they perhaps once were, but having a few search friendly terms scattered around will no doubt still help, although the less is more philosophy is one I like as it tends to make writing easier and flow more naturally to me.

Starting my blog has also been delayed by other paying work. This is, of course, a good thing, but it doesn’t help me get my blog started. Instead, it just makes it easier to put it off. So today, I am biting the bullet and making this first post. I am hoping in the future to be organized enough to have time to write a blog post every couple of days, knowing that the search engines will probably love me more if I do.

How do you decide what to write about in your blog? Is it personal or professional?

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